Born 1958 grew up in Zürich, Switzerland Nationality: swiss/british living in Germany since 1986


Zürich-Switzerland, Chicago-USA (master), London-England (postgrad. Dipl.) Milan - Italy and Mannheim-Germany (private studies)
Solo- and Groupexibitions:
since 1987 in Europe, Canada, USA, China, Ecuador


Salzburg, Osnabrück, Hannover, Pirmasens, ArtExpo New York, CIGE Peking, Graz, AAF Amsterdam, ART Palm Beach USA, ART Hamptons NY, ART San Diego USA,
represented by Galerie Artodrome Berlin/China and Amsterdam Whitney NY
Wood sculpting symposiums:
Regular participation in Germany, Switzerland, Ecuador, Slowakia, Italy, Canada, Rumania Organisor of the intern. Woodsculpting Symposiums Reckenthal 2009-2011 & 2014


1st 2nd 1st 1st 3rd 4th 3rd 3rd 4th
Symposium Luttago Valle Aurina Italien & Publikumspreis 2013 Symposium Castello Tesino 2013 Leonardo Award for sculpture, Museum Chianciano Italien 2013
Place    Symposium Kingsland Rumania 2014
Place Symposium Thion Switzerland 2014 Premio della Critica Galleria De Marchi Bologna Italia 2014 Certificate of Honor artavita 2014 Palm Art Award 2014 London Biennale 2015: Special Mention for Excellence
Comissions for Public Premises:
1998 Altenheim Nassau; 1999 Architekturbüro Nöll & Partner Darmstadt 2001 Berufsschule Westerburg; 2002 Platzgestaltung Grundschule Wirges; 2003 Regionale Schule Wirges 2008 Castel Pergine, Trentino, Italy 2012 Skulpturen zur Platzgestaltung an 2 Schulen im Westerwald 2013 Tierpark Bad Marienberg
TV Dokumentations, privat und public sales Memeber of BBK Rheinland-Pfalz and Kunstforum Westerwald 1998 2008-2013 President of Kunstforum Westerwald e.V.

My Credo:

For me sculpting is an instrument of self- discovery, a possibility of understanding connections and deeper meanings of life. Touching spiritual levels, developing my intuition and receiving inspiration show me that life moves beyond the physical, mental and emotional planes. It is my goal to manifest the impulses I receive in a physical shape and to integrate my personal thoughts and feelings with what the piece of wood offers. What fascinates me is developing my own spirituality and personal growth, knowing that what manifests in my work can stimulate these planes in other people. Very early I discovered wood to be “my material”. I love to engage in a dialogue with part of a tree. Its long history and character contribute many impulses. So the work process becomes a joint venture in search of a new, unique expression and its physical shape.